5 Benefits of a Gas Condensing Boiler

If it’s time to at least consider replacing your home heating system, here’s your first bit of good news: you no doubt have several more choices than you might imagine.

Let’s say, for example, that you now have a central air conditioning system and a forced air furnace, both systems using the same ductwork to deliver cool and warm air, respectively to help keep you comfortable all year long.

blogBut does that mean that when your furnace goes, your only choice is to replace with a more up-to-date version of it? Not at all. Take, for example, a gas condensing boiler. Yes, you have that option provided you either have a natural gas feed into your home or are willing to add an outdoor propane tank into the mix.

Initially, you would definitely spend more on a new boiler heating system vs. replacing one furnace for another, partly because baseboard radiators would have to be added to distribute the heat generated by the boiler. Long term, however, a gas condensing boiler not only will save you money through lower energy costs, but offers several other key advantages, as well. Let’s look at them one at a time:

  • Lower energy costs. A gas condensing boiler is a higher-efficiency version of a non-condensing boiler. Without getting all technical on the subject, gas condensing boilers contain two heat exchangers (vs. the standard of one) to recapture energy that otherwise would be vented out of your home. And that’s primarily where the energy and cost savings come from.
  • Smaller carbon footprint. With reduced energy consumption and waste comes a reduced carbon footprint, and that benefits everyone.
  • Reduced maintenance & repair costs. Both condensing and non-condensing boilers require less ongoing maintenance than a furnace. And yet, with the added high tech features included a condensing boiler, you can look forward to lower repair costs, too.
  • Fewer drafts plus greater comfort. A furnace heats air which is then distributed through ductwork and vents. That in turn can create drafty conditions and, if the filter or ducts are dirty, added dust along with a greater likelihood of poor quality indoor air. A gas condensing boiler, on the other hand, uses fresh outdoor air as part of the heating process which helps to increase efficiency and comfort both. The heat is radiated into your living spaces by the baseboard units – not blown through potentially leaky or poorly sized ducts.
  • Less noise. Even if you purchased a new furnace with a noise-reducing variable speed blower, boilers still operate more quietly than furnaces since hot water tanks operate noise-free.

Here at Service Pros, we have nothing against furnaces, mind you. We recommend and install them almost daily, especially when you consider that they cost considerably less on the front end. But if you’re more of a long term thinker and really do need to replace your heating system, then this is the perfect time to learn see if you’d be better off with a boiler, especially a gas condensing boiler. Contact us today or anytime at all for a free in-home consultation and comparative price costs.

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