5 Ways to Help You Save Money on Home Repairs.

blogSo, how’s your “Honey do!” list looking these days?  Just about everything checked off as done, still waiting to get started, or somewhere in between?

Well, with or without an actual list, most of us have plenty to do around the house.  So the real question isn’t about getting started, it’s more about prioritizing and taking care of first things first.

Service Pros would like to recommend 5 household functions that should be performed routinely for the sake of your family’s indoor comfort and reduced repair costs.  Ready?  Then let’s have at it:

Here are just a few examples:

  1. Dirty (or Missing) Filters – Heating and AC system filters serve a dual function: when they’re new or freshly cleaned, they help your system run more efficiently while removing harmful pollutants from your indoor air.  Make a point of checking them every 60 days or so and cleaning or replacing them as needed.
  1. Water Leaks – That little drip-drip sound emanating from your bathroom faucet is more than just annoying. It wastes water, costs you money, and can cause damage to fixtures, floors, and walls while potentially creating a perfect “live-in” environment for mold. The sooner you get that leak fixed, the less you’ll have to worry about.
  1. Unusual HVAC Noises and Odors – Not every noise or odor coming from your heating or cooling system is cause for concern, especially when they’re just turning on. On the other hand, certain sounds and odors need to be acted on, and the sooner the better.  Rattling, hissing, and loud knocks and bumps are among them, as are the unmistakable odors of gas (rotten egg), oil, or mold.  When in doubt, contact a professional to have them checked out.
  1. Dirty Dryer Vents – With every load of laundry that goes through the dryer, lint builds up in the nooks and crannies of the lint trap and along the vent hose. Over time, this can cause heat to build up in the vents and prevent the exhaust from escaping. That, in turn, creates the enhanced risk of a home fire. To help prevent that, clean your lint filter after each load, and have your vents cleaned every six months.
  1. Unusually High Utility Bills – It’s common for the cost of water, electricity, and fuel to fluctuate due to market conditions and seasonal use. But if you find yourself with a higher than normal utility bill for no apparent reason, it’s time to take action. A sudden spike in your water bill, for example, could indicate a silent and hidden leak. A high heating or electricity bill could mean your system is not running at max efficiency and may need to be cleaned. And those are just the beginning of the possibilities.

In addition to your own due diligence, we recommend annual plumbing, heating, and cooling system inspections.  They are surprisingly affordable and yet potentially worth their weight in gold in the kind of unnecessary repair bills they can help prevent.  To learn more or to schedule service, contact Service Pros today.


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