How to Reduce Your Home Heating & Cooling Costs

According to the federal Environmental Protection Agency, home heating and cooling accounts, on average, for 48% of your monthly utility costs. Which is to say that, if you pay a combined total of $300 per month in utility bills, $150 of that is being absorbed by your heating and cooling systems.

For now, let’s worry more about the $150 (or whatever amount you happen to pay) than the 48% figure and see what you can do to effect meaningful reductions while still providing adequate levels of indoor comfort for your entire family.

  • Person's hand adjusting a wall mounted thermostat temperatureSet your thermostat as low as your comfort tolerance will allow in the winter and as high as it will allow in the summer. Depending on the season, also lower or raise your thermostat overnight and while no one is home.
  • For even greater savings, invest in one programmable thermostat for every zone. That way, you can change your settings even remotely if, for example, you expect to arrive home earlier than expected.
  • Have just one zone currently for your entire home? Adding one or more zones can help you stay comfortable in the rooms you normally occupy while saving money in rooms that are normally or temporarily empty.
  • Add one or more two-way ceiling fans – especially in common areas of your home like a family room or at the top of a staircase – for added savings. During the summer months, the fan will pull warm air up to the ceiling so you’ll feel cooler without the need to raise the thermostat. During the cold weather months, reversing the direction of your fan will push warm air back down, once again helping you reduce your utility costs.
  • When the sun is shining, keep your shades and draperies open so the sun can help heat up your home during the winter months. In the summer, keep window fixtures closed during the day so it costs less to cool your home.

There are plenty of other ways to reduce your home heating and cooling costs, and here’s one of the best money-saving means at your disposal: scheduling annual preventative maintenance for your home heating and cooling systems. At Service Pros, we’re highly skilled at helping to increase energy efficiency while preventing unnecessary repair work, and that’s TWO great ways to save money. For more information or to schedule service, contact Service Pros today in Memphis or Jackson.

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