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Doing Whatever it Takes to Get Water Flowing Through Your Drains Again.

Plumber Fixing Problem With DrainsFor most home owners, a damaged or broken sewer or drain line comes as a complete surprise.

It starts with what appears to be a blocked drain and, as usual, you do everything in your power to handle the problem yourself. When that doesn’t work, you call somebody like us, hoping that it’s still just a clogged drain and one that we can readily take care of for you…only to discover, once we’ve fully diagnosed the problem, that the situation is more serious. One that includes a damaged or broken drain line, perhaps even your underground sewer line or one of the drain laterals that feeds into it.

How do we diagnose such a hard-to-get-at problem in the first place? Let’s have a look.

Sewer Video Inspection | Drain Video Inspection

At Service Pros, we have all the resources we need for every clogged sewer or drain job, no matter how stubborn that clog might be.

With our video drain inspection cameras, for example, we can locate the exact spot and scope of the problem, and record whatever we find on the camera system’s monitor. We can also take snap shots of the problem to aid in our repair work and let you see for yourself exactly what’s going on beneath the surface of your yard.

Sewer & Drain Repair | Sewer & Drain Replacement


Knowing whether we’re facing a repair or replacement job, and exactly where to start, can and often does save a lot of unnecessary digging. Instead, we dig up only as much of your yard, driveway, or other paved surface as we need to to properly repair a collapsed or broken drain line, or replace that portion that’s beyond repair.

And, just like always, we’ll give you a guaranteed upfront price quote once the problem has been fully diagnosed. With your approval, Service Pros will then get to work to get your drains flowing like normal once again.

How to Tell if You Have a Damaged Sewer Line

Just as with so many other things, early detection is key to minimizing the extent of any damage already incurred by an underground sewer line. In fact, should you detect any of the following conditions, please call us right away before the problem gets any worse:

  • A huge jump in your water bill that you can’t explain.
  • A significant decrease in water flow or pressure.
  • Musky or foul odors inside or outside your home, the kind that could be caused by pipe corrosion or a break in your sewer line.
  • Lawn indentations that suddenly appear, or, an isolated area or two of lush green lawn.
  • One clogged drain after another, whether it’s in a toilet, sink, or anywhere else.
  • Damp spots on a wall or ceiling that might be caused by a crack in drain line.

These are all pretty reliable indications that all is not well with your home drainage system, and that swift and decisive action is called for…the very kind you can always count on from Service Pros for any sewer or drain problem at all.

Contact us today for service or a quote…we’re here to make a difference for the better.