Programmable Thermostats | Whole-House Zoning Control

How to Give Your Furnace or AC System a Boost in Productivity.  And a Longer Lifespan.

Let’s say the air conditioning system in the FedEx Forum broke down and they wanted to replace it with a home-size system.  Ridiculous, right?  It couldn’t provide nearly enough cool air, even if it were left running 24/7.  All that’s certain is that the replacement system would fail in fairly short order from being over-worked.sysaddons

Well, in less dramatic fashion, you’re also asking your AC and heating systems to work too hard if, for example, they’re controlled by one zone and one standard type thermostat.  When a system works too hard, it’s prone to premature failure and costly repairs along the way.

That’s exactly what we don’t want to happen to you.  And to help prevent it, Service Pros recommends programmable thermostats and whole-house zoning control for your home.

With whole-house zoning control, you can maintain comfortable levels of cool or warm air only in those rooms or areas of your house currently in use.  For even greater comfort control and energy savings, each zone should be operated by a programmable thermostat, and preferably one remote Wi-Fi access.  That way, if your plans should change on the fly, you can adjust your home  temperature settings, and do so no matter where you are, so long as you have Wi-Fi access.

Call Service Pros today and find out how you can get the most from your home heating and cooling systems while saving money in the process.

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