The Benefits of Whole-House Zone Control.

blogWhen your central AC system is n, is it cooling every room in your house equally?  If so, do you really want and need it to?

To make the most of your home comfort system AND to keep you monthly utility bill in check, the smart move is to create one or more zones in your home, each with its own thermostat, so you can keep perfectly comfortable in the rooms you occupy while conserving energy in those you don’t.

Do I Really Need Zoning?

Many families have different lifestyles and comfort needs than what was common a generation or two ago. Today, perhaps, you have a home office that needs extra air conditioning during the day, but none at night. Or maybe the upstairs bedrooms get used only when guests visit.

Even more common, let’s say you have a 6-8 room house and, during the day, only one or two people are home, if that.  Do you really want to be heating or cooling every room equally and paying full freight to do so?

And now you understand the purpose and tremendous potential value of whole-house zone control.  At your request, a member of the Service Pros home comfort team will come out to see you and decide the best way to split up your home from one to multiple zones.

Having multiple zones can save you hundreds of dollar each year on your utility bills.  It also enables your heating and cooling systems to run more quietly since due to reduced wear and tear.  With less demands placed upon them, your heating and cooling systems are bound to last longer, too, once you add one or more additional zones.

To learn more or schedule an in-home zone control consultation, contact Service Pros today.  We’re ready and able to assist you with all your home comfort needs.

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