What to Expect from Your Plumbing Company

Every now and then, is it worth taking a little more time to make a hiring decision to ensure your ultimate satisfaction? Absolutely! Take the decision on which Bristol plumber to hire the next time a need arises. By including the following factors in your decision-making process, you’re bound to have a better experience all the way around.

24-7 Emergency Service
Not every plumbing mishap needs to be fixed in the moment. If, for example, you have a clogged toilet that won’t budget but one or two others that work just fine, service can wait until the following day. On the other hand, there are real plumbing emergencies that require immediate action, such as coming home to a flooded basement because your sump pump failed. The point is that during your search for a local plumber, find out if 24-7 service is at least an option. Who doesn’t want that added peace of mind?!

Business Credentials
While some companies don’t subscribe to the Better Business Bureau, many do. So, a good place to begin your background research is a company’s BBB rating, with A+ being the highest. Another good indicator of what you can expect, service wise, is the number and strength of their company reviews. Every company is bound to have an off day from time to time just as consumers are capable of rating a service provider unfairly – they’re own version of a bad day. What you’re looking, therefore, is the pattern of the review comments, especially as they pertain to a company’s business ethics and hands-on personal service.

Up-Front Pricing
The days of paying for service “by the hour” are gone. Or they should be! After all, who wants to pay more just because your plumber is slower than somebody else? Instead, choose a company that offers up-front pricing so you know in advance exactly what the cost will be for the work you’re authorizing that company to perform.

Commitment to Quality
How can you tell without hiring them whether or not a company is committed to quality and, ultimately, your complete satisfaction? Look at their website for their guarantees  page, for starters. That’s where you’ll find such important information as hiring practices and specific service guarantees including their customer satisfaction and lowest price guarantees, if they have them at all.

Take a few moments to check out the Service Pros company guarantees page; we think you’ll see ample evidence that we do everything in our power to ensure your complete satisfaction with any of our plumbing, heating, or air conditioning services. We also have an enviable track record of customer reviews and we’re rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Service Pros: always striving to do more so you can worry less.

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