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Who’s Cooking with Gas?  Well, Why Not You?

Is your home connected to the natural gas main on your street for heating and, perhaps, your hot water supply?  If so, you’re already enjoying more energy efficient indoor comfort than an electric furnace or water heater could supply.

At the same time, you could reap even more benefits from your natural gas supply and, as a result, enjoy even greater energy savings and convenience.galine

Here at Service Pros, we are licensed plumbers and gas fitters, meaning we can do a professional job – employing the utmost in safety precautions – of adding additional  natural or propane gas connections both inside and outside your home.

What’s the preferred cooking method for America’s great cooks and chefs?  Gas.  Just tune in to the Food Network any ol’ time, and you’ll see for yourself.

When it comes to drying your clothes, what’s the more economical and energy efficient choice, other than hanging your clothes up to dry?  Gas.

And, wouldn’t you just love it if you never needed a propane refill again while grilling for a yard full of hungry friends and relatives?  Of course.

For gas line installation and repair, we invite you to call Service Pros now, where you can always expect a job well done.

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