5 Ways to Conserve Water at Home

While no one person can solve all of our plant’s existing and emerging problems, each of us can do our fair share.  That way, when you add up the sum of the parts, more has been accomplished than any of us might ever have imagined.

Take water conservation, for example.  Why is it so important?  For a host of good reasons, starting with the fact that only 1% of the world’s water supply is drinkable.  The water you conserve, the more energy you save.  What’s more, water conservation is critical for the survival of some endangered species.  Plus, doesn’t it just make good sense?

Here are a few simple ways to start conserving even more water in your home:

  1. blogTurn off the faucet while you’re shaving or brushing your teeth.
  1. You know how you hate stepping into a cold shower and, because of that, you let the water run until it’s hot enough for you to step in? No need to stop, but starting tomorrow, place a bucket in there to collect all that water that otherwise would be wasted, and then use it to wash your car, water your plants, and so on.
  1. Don’t wait to get the leaky faucet fixed – do it now! Why?  Because even a slow leak can waste up to 20 gallons of water per day.
  1. Try cutting a few minutes off your time in the shower. First, have someone in the family time you for about a week to establish an average.  Then, bring a timer into the bathroom with you and set it for at least two minutes faster than the average.
  1. Replace that old water-guzzling toilet with a new dual-flush model. A new dual-flush toilet, professionally installed by Service Pros, consumes only about 1.1 gallons for a half flush, and 1.3 gallons for a full flush.  And yet they have all the pressure they need to get the job done very nicely.

Is today your day to be start saving even more water than you already are?  We certainly hope so, and we invite you to contact Service Pros for more water saving suggestions, products, and installation services.

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