Preventive Maintenance for your Home Heating System

blogThere’s a saying in the American south that goes something like this: “Nobody retires up north.”

And while one can never say never, the Pew Research Center reports that Americans prefer living in warmer vs. colder climates by a margin of 57% to 29%. Even in the North Eastern states, in fact, 20% more people say they would rather live in a warmer vs. colder location.

Here in the Memphis and Jackson areas, we mostly fall into the warm weather category, but that doesn’t we don’t get our fair share of the cold stuff – sometimes even the white stuff. So what’s a body do when the calendar starts sneaking up on October and beyond? Right: forget what you can’t change (outdoor temperatures), and prepare your home so it’s as warm and cozy as possible when the weather starts to change.

In that regard, no single task is more important than hiring a professional HVAC company to perform preventative maintenance on your home heating system. Here at Service Pros, that’s a specialty of ours; as such, we do a very thorough job of cleaning and inspecting your heating system for your added comfort and safety.

Okay, you ask, “what does my heating system have to do with my family’s safety?” Well, unless your heating system is faithfully maintained, there’s an ever-increasing risk of electrical fire, plus carbon monoxide and gas leaks, just to name a few possible outcomes of heating system neglect. And yet, by scheduling annual preventative maintenance, you can greatly minimize those risks while ensuring the following:

  • Fewer repair problems
  • Longer system lifespan
  • Consistent temperatures from one room to another
  • Lower home heating cost.

If, during our inspection, we do spot a repair need, we’ll give you a guaranteed upfront price to fix it now before it becomes a bigger and more costly repair later on.

So, for a very mild winter at least within the comfort of your own home, contact Service Pros today to schedule our heating system preventative maintenance service.

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