Is it Better to Repair or Replace Your AC System?

If there’s one question we get asked more than any other during the summer months – at least regarding home air conditioning – this is it.

However, since no two set of circumstances are ever exactly the same, we regret that we can’t give you a clear-cut answer, at least not without first thoroughly inspecting your current system. We can, however, give you some basic guidelines that should at least help point you in the right direction:

  • How old is your current system? If your acservrepsystem is at least 15 years old and you’re presented with a repair bill estimate for $1,500 or more, you’re probably better off replacing than repairing. The average lifespan of a home AC system is 15-20 years, so it’s already well past its prime. Plus there’s no guarantee that other things will go wrong thus resulting in additional repair bills.
  • You’re afraid to open your monthly electricity bill. Why? Because you’re pretty sure it’s going to shock the daylights out of you. With an aging AC system, you could easily be paying $200 more per month to cool your home than you would with a new, high efficiency system. In fact, it’s possible to cover the cost of a replacement AC system in just a few years with all the money you’ll save on your electricity bill.
  • The cool air is not being evenly distributed from room to room. There’s a very good chance that this can be easily and affordably rectified. Maybe there’s some kind of crack or leak in your AC system causing the problem or, if you have multiple zones, maybe there’s a problem with one of your thermostats. This one is definitely worth troubleshooting before you make up your mind.
  • Your system is working harder and harder to maintain cool, comfortable temperatures. Once again, you won’t feel confident deciding whether to repair or replace until you hire a professional HVAC company to determine the exact cause of the problem. The possibilities are endless, including general wear and tear, a clogged or dirty filter, an air distribution problem, and others.

At Service Pros, we have absolutely no agenda on the whole “repair/replace equation. We have just one priority: recommending what we believe to be the right decision for each family we’re privileged to serve. So if you want honest, straightforward advice on what’s best for your indoor comfort and budget, contact Service Pros today for the best of all worlds: expert system troubleshooting, high quality repairs, plus the very best in new system design and installation.

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